Sunday, December 26, 2010

Maxis, Symbian and MMS

Just in case you are trying to sent MMS through your phone and it failed, and just in case you are using Maxis and the phone is Symbian powered *I'm not sure about other operator and OS, you can try the following steps see it can solve your problem or not.

1. Get the setting from Maxis. Just go to and click on the "Get Phone Settings" and key in your phone number to receive the MMS setting through SMS. Accept the setting.
2. Go to your phone, press Menu key and select Settings -> Connectivity -> Admin Settings -> APN Control. If the Connection Restrictions are active, most likely, then you need to deactivate it.
3. Selection Option -> Deactivate restrictions. If it ask for pin, then key in "1234".
4. Restart your phone and try to send the MMS to your friend.