Friday, May 14, 2010

Paris-London Trip - Day 4

Day 4 is a very excited day for us, cause we doing to Eiffel, the icon of Paris. We wake up early in the morning to prevent jam with those crazy tourists. There are four escalator going up to Eiffel, but trust me, it is much faster going up using staircase. It’s not much people when we reach Eiffel, but not much doesn’t mean very little. We bought a ticket to going up to 1st and 2nd platform thru staircase. If you think it’s free to use the staircase, then you are wrong, because nothing is free in Paris. It cost me around €4 to use their staircase.
The Eiffel Tower

While climbing up to the tower, you can see some nice view around the Eiffel. Pity my wife, she got acrophobia :)
View from the Eiffel Tower

Talking about Eiffel, according to the wiki, it is the most visited paid monument in the world. It’s a pure steel structure tower, built from 18,038 pieces of puddle iron and 2.5 million rivets. Salute to the engineer who designs it, Gustave Eiffel. Well, he also designs the other world icon of New York, the armature for the Statue of Liberty.

Going up to the top platform can only thru the life which cost around €5. I need to pull my wife to going up there :p

After the Eiffel, we walk around the Seine River because we want to see another great statue, the Statue of Liberty. It’s replicas of the New York Statue of Liberty and located at Île des Cygnes on Seine River. Very quiet place and not much people knew that there is a Statue of Liberty on this “island”.

Statue of Liberty, opps... my wife :p

Status of Liberty and my wife ^^

The next stop is La Concorde. It’s a public square in Paris, and its full name is call Place de la Concorde, mean the harmonic square. The original name of this place is Place Louis XV. During the French revolution, it was called Place de la Revolution, and King Louis XVI was executed using guillotine at this place.

The Obelisk of Luxor is one standing on the middle of the square, and you can see the Arc de Triomphe clearly from the square. My wife notices a black shadow behind the Arc de Triomphe and ask me what is that. After looking at the map, I suddenly hate Napoleon. It’s the Grande Arche located at La Defense, which is about 7km from la Concorde.

You can see the Arc de Triomphe and the black shadow behind it is the Grande Arche 

The Luxor Obelisk and Eiffel Tower

Luxor Obelisk is a gift from Egypt by Muhammad Ali pasha, the Wali and self-proclaimed Khedive of Egypt. It is originally standing at the entrance of Luxor Temple. Muhammad Ali was offering two obelisks to King Louis-Philippe, but due to the limit of technology that time, only one obelisk is moving to Paris, leaving the other obelisk at Egypt due to too huge to move. Hope, some day I can go to Egypt and capture the second obelisk.

Next to la Concorde is the park call Jardin des Tuileries, the Tuileries Garden. It’s a huge garden and next to the garden is the one of the most famous museum, the Louvre Musuem.

We walk along the Seine River and reached Pont Alexandre III, there are two sculptures located at two side of the bridge. Next to the bridge is the Grand Palais (Big Palace) and Petit Palais (Small Palace). Grand Palais is an exhibition hall and Petit Palais is a museum. Didn’t enter to both of the building because it’s already 5pm and most of the Paris museums close at 5pm.

The sculpture at Pont Alexandre III
The another sculpture at Pont Alexandre III
The Petit Palais
Further walking down the street, we reached to Avenue des Champs Elysees, where LV building is located. Better use some excuse to divert wife’s eyeing. So, I suggest to my wife that we going to look for China town in Paris.

Maybe I should call it Asian town, because that area is basically mixed of Chinese and Islamic shops. The area is near Belleville. There is not significant demarcation of the China town but you can see lots of Chinese writing shop lot around the area, and also lots of halal food, Indian food around that area. At that area, we discovered the sister of Statue of Liberty, the Statue of Democracy.

We bought a box of strawberry and it’s so cheap. The only food that I think worth to buy in Paris is the strawberry, for only €1.50 , you can enjoy 500g of fresh strawberry, much much much cheaper that those strawberry at Cameron highland.