Saturday, May 08, 2010

Paris-London Trip - Day 3

We wake up quite early today to go to the very famous cathedral – the Notre Dame. Notre dame means our lady in French. You can follow the wiki to know more about this beautiful cathedral. The beautiful painting of coronation of Napoleon and his beautiful wife Josephine by Jacques-Louis David took place in this cathedral.

The entry to the cathedral is free; however you need to pay for the audio guide if you want to know about the building. Like other cathedral, the interior is beautiful and spacious. The area is quite dime and no tripod is allowed in the building, therefore it become very difficult to take photo. Flash light is not allowed in most of the building although some peoples still pretend do not know how to read.

After visit the cathedral. We went to the outside to take some photo. The weather is so chill until I can’t hold my camera.

At the left hand of the building, you can climb up to the Notre Dame tower and have a nice bird’s eye view. The fee to climb up to the tower is €6.50 and there are lots of people queuing. Due to my injured legs :_( I can only see people queuing to go up.

After the Notre Dame we walk around the area. There are few famous building around the area. The Hotel de Ville is the city hall of Paris. La Conciergerie, the royal palace and prison in Paris. The most famous prisoner is the Queen Marie Antoinette (the one that we visited at Versailles). The La Sainte-Chapelle, the holy chapel. All those places need entry fees between €6 and €10. Due to time limit and we are not a history mania, so we didn’t enter to those places.

After walking around the Notre Dame area, we went to Pantheon. Pantheon mean Every god. Marie Curie is buried at Pantheon.

After walking around the Pantheon area, we decided to visit Disneyland because I can’t walk anymore. So we rest in the train that go to Disneyland.

Disneyland is located at east Paris at zone 5, and there is a Eurostar stop. Lots of European brings their family to have day trip. We only took some photo in front the Disneyland Park since my wife already being to Disneyland at USA and I’m not Disney fan, but most important is that the ticket is around €60 per person :s. I heard that their Disneyland is worst than Sunway Lagoon theme park. I still not yet went to Sunway Lagoon before although it is so near to me :p, maybe I will find one day bring my wife to have some fun while my heart still can take those challenges.

So, after Disney, we went to a mall nearby. There got a factory outlet, but the price only allow me doing window shopping.

The next stop, we went to La Defense, La Defense was build to commemorate the soldiers had defended Paris during the Franco-Prussian war. But now, it is a business district. You can see all tall buildings around this area. One of the most beautiful buildings that you wouldn’t miss is the Grande Arche. As an engineer, I hate this building, but as a tourist I love it.

After visit the Grande Arche, we went to visit one of the must visit icon of Paris, the Arc de Triomphe. It was builds on a 12-ways roundabout. It’s a great building.

Next to the Arc de Triomphe is the very famous street called Avenue des Champs-Elysees. You can found almost all luxury brands along this street. One of the wouldn’t miss brand is the LV. It has its own building. For those who going to visit to Paris, remember to bring more money or get a higher credit limit credit card.

We went to Hard Rock Paris to get t-shirt for my wife and have a dinner there before went back to hotel.