Monday, May 31, 2010


That day when I was in the car talking about the gay (please don't think wrongly that I'm a gay, I'm 100% not gay and I only love girl), I look at my colleagues, the fan shue, my wild horse and my natural enemy, why in boy's school got so many gays and in girl's school there are les.

One of the reason that I can think of is the evolution. Well, how this idea came from?

Many people didn't know that some fishes actually can change their sex.

O.O unbelievable?

One of the example is clownfish. If you don't know what is clownfish, then maybe if I say Nemo, you will know what is clownfish look like. So, don't ask the seller to get you a male Nemo, at the end, it maybe a female or bisexual at the same time.

Fish change sex mostly due to the environment, to produce offspring. If you put all male fishes at the same pond, in order to maintain the species, some of the male fish will changing their sex to female and give birth.

So, that explained that why boy's school students are tending to become gay after some time :p

I better wear extra pants tonight, just in case my natural enemy realize this fact.