Sunday, May 02, 2010

Paris-London Trip - Day 2

Day 2 is Sunday, so we went to one of the must visit place in Paris, Chateau de Versailles, or in English, the palace of Versailles. Going to this area is very easy, just taking the RER line C until the last stop and there are very clear road signs lead you to the palace. If you plan to visit this palace, few things you should take note.

1. Only Saturday and Sunday the park will have fountain show. Therefore, on weekend, the palace will charge you if you want to go in to their park.
2. There are three areas in this palace; the main palace, the palace’s park and the queen’s park. You need three different tickets to enter these areas, or you can purchase the full ticket which cost €25.
3. Go there early, because it may take up to 1 hour to purchase the ticket if you go there late. You can pre-purchase the ticket in Paris tourist center, or the tourist center near to the palace to prevent jam with people in the palace’s ticket hall. Trust me, go there as early as you can.
4. Prepare your energy.

Once we reach there, we went to the ticket hall immediately, and lucky enough I manage to get my ticket around 20 minutes and once I look back the Q, I believe those people going to wait for another hour to get their ticket :p

So, we went to collect the audio guide and proceed to the palace. Well, if you love art, you will love this palace. Lots of drawing, status, art piece in this palace. The audio guide will explain every single corner of the palace and you may spend 1 whole day if you plan to listen to all the guides. So choose those interesting item and listen cause I think the guide is too long :s like reading the whole history book.

Can't remember the name of this painting, but it's very famous. Will try to recall, old man poor memory :_(
I love mirror trick :p
I love this painting, you will see this painting again in Louvre museum.
I'm tired of listening to the audio guide, photograph my pretty wife more fun :)
Again mirror trick.
^.^ my lovely wife

Once finish visits the palace, the second part of the visit is to enter their park and once I enter I start to hate the king. The stupid Louis XIV build suck a huge park in his palace and unfortunately, my leg is not yet recovered from the 21km marathon run. I don’t know how I finish the park, but I just hate the king for building this stupid huge park.

I start to hate the king after I see the map :(
The park.

^.^ my lovely also my pretty model

There are lots of fountain in the park and there got timing for the fountain show. If I’m not mistaken, morning section is between 11am to 12.30pm and the afternoon section is from 3.30pm until 5pm. So plan your visit.

One of the most famous fountain in the palace's park.

At the other corner end of the park is the road to the queen park, Le Domaine de Marie-Antoinette. It is around 1km away from the park :s and you can choose to take the train which will cost you few euro or you can rent the bicycle which also cost you few euro. Nothing is free here.

The Queen, Marie-Antoinette, is wife of Loius XVI, and she builds a small palace near to the main palace. The palace is slightly small as compare to the main palace, but the stupid garden is again, very very huge :s. We can’t finish going round the park because time is not enough and we can’t walk any more. If you went there on summer, try to take bicycle and cycle around the area (no in the queen’s park :p)

Taken at the queen's park.

There are some food stalls in the main palace’s park and on the way to the queen palace. You can try to bring your lunch box and enjoy your meal in the park with your love one and enjoy the beautiful scenery and imaging you are the king and she is the queen. A must visit place if you visit to Paris.

^.^ me and my wife

So, we went back to Paris city with very tired body and my injured leg :_(