Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's 5.30am

This is my third time I wake up at 5.30am, I think something wrong with my body clock. Anyway, tonight I will get myself a coke blended Chivas before sleep :)

My natural enemy, Mr. Toh, going back to Dustyland today. I wish him a safe journey and having a good luck to meet a pretty girl in the flight. Bro, we can tell you everything techniques and way to tackle a girl, but we can't do it for you, so please action. there is a group of genius behind you to support you on the technical side. The consultation is free of charge.

Huan is flying to Kiasiland today and he is very worry now. We scare him, his friends scare him also and worst thing is he scare himself, hahahaha... Don't worry bro, just tell her you true feeling about her and even she reject you AGAIN, you are still a VIP for her. Anyway, I don't want to drunk myself when you back, we all hope to celebrate another happy couple. Good luck!

Lum has ended his single life since last few months, I think, and I know his girl, underage girl from Mars, quite well, cause both of us are quite lansi and cha people without thinking of consequences. Bro, having a school girl as your girl friend is definitely not an easy task, and I know you can handle it well.

My latest friend, Elaine, still an underage young lady. Get to know her because of Toh. She is a very sporty girl and once she start talking, she will cheer you up by either burning you or burning herself to make you laugh. A very nice friend that you don't want to miss. Girl, study hard and play hard before you step into the adult world.

My wild horse, Mr. Sam, has changed his look after we lectured him for more than three weeks. His sensors are a bit dumb to sense the environment. The way he talk still very straight and no f care one. This type of human has extinct since Jurassic age, cause their simple mindset. Sam, Earth is a very dangerous place, you faster go back to Mars la. Anyway, I welcome you to Earth.

Our office only female engineer, Losnie, is getting marry soon. By the way, just to clarify something here; girl, I didn't disclose your wedding plan, my boss don't know receive from who. Anyway, it is a happy news, concratulation. And for 001, bro, I still have to put this number to represent you since you still not yet officially tell us :), well done!

Chin's wife is oversea and that bugger asking us to go clubbing with him -.-
Bro, I need to put this face to convince my girl that I'm not going with you, sms me the time and place :p

Ngu and Jamie nothing special, still the same, except they try to poison me with E71 and luckily I can tahan that poison, hahahaha, bros, I'm genius you know.

Ng and Cheong nothing much also, still like two piece of living dictionary for us to search for knowledge :)

Ok, last part, about myself. Hmmm... I bought my wedding ring, finally :) It will be a busy year for me, finally I dare to say that I'm busy for myself. Wish me good luck.