Saturday, August 29, 2009

Busy week

This week a busy week for me but still not that "really" busy. Manage to run one of my plant in fully auto mode. Nothing much bugs need to clear this time. I'm quite surprise. Not much challenge :) hope next project can be more complicated a bit. Hope my control people didn't read my blog. Looking forward to a more intelligent system in my next project, to the another level of pinnacle.

It is always my habit to give the best control system based on my available knowledge by using all the instruments and equipments I have. I don't like to use a Ferrari to tell you how fast I can go, but I like to use a Kancil to show you I can go faster than lot of big cars. That is my power to move me forward. Anyway, like all the lansi designer characteristic, I welcome suggestion, but I don't welcome instruction. I believe that a masterpiece can only done by a creator not creators. It will become rubbish when everyone come and put their hand on the work. You either end with a double works to clean the shit or you let the masterpiece become rubbish.

It's end of August, time just too fast for me or maybe I should say I'm too slow to catch the time. Getting old, can't run too fast. Ya, talking about running, I hope I can run at the coming marathon event and hope I don't get fainted :)

Ok, next week go to Taiwan to have some rest with my friends. Hope can take some nice picture and show you all.