Sunday, July 12, 2009

You know what you're talking or not?

In every project that I handle, I met quite some number of peoples. Some are expert, some are stupid, and some are “sing ka” (con man). I thanks god that so far those peoples that I deal with are quite normal, until recently I met some fucking ego idiots.

Lot of peoples likes to show off their capability in front of their bosses. So they like to talk a lot whenever their boss is there, whether the word comes out from their mouth is logic or not, they just don’t care and start to pluck from the sky and throw it out to show their “intelligent” and “hardworking-ness”.

When these peoples start to talk, the only action I can do is showing the shocking face and I don’t know how to answer those stupid questions which don’t need answer. There are many stupid real life examples that I can share you, and believe it or not, this is the first time I want to become as stupid as possible in order for me to follow their instructions.

1. In order to have “fantastic” control system, I have been asked to on and off the air-cond. unit installed in the manager room. The reason given is that the manager maybe already went back home and he forgot to off the air-cond.
You don’t actually need the control system, what you need is to employ a guy to fully responsible to on and off the air-cond unit for their bosses by pressing the switch in front of their manager room.

2. In order to have a nice look and feel, I have been instructed to take out all the relays from the relay panel. But how I going to split the signal between PLC and indicator light? And guess what, the given solution is to drive the indicator light from a PLC digital out O_o.
PLC is not an item for you to show off; it is a very important equipment to do the complex control sequence. A relay is not an ugly old component; it is a very important and useful component in simple and reliable hardwires logic.

3. Two management level guys stop the welding because they found out that the gap between two pieces of pipe is bigger than the welding rod diameter. The reason given is that the welder can’t weld properly with gap like this.
Bro, you know what you talking or not? If you need welding course I can introduce a cheap and quick welding training for you with my own cost.

Lot of time, people doesn’t realize that how irritating is their stupid question, argument and reason are. If you really want to challenge people’s work, please make sure you have all the proper knowledge and skill before you start fire. Don’t insult people’s intelligent because of your stupidity.