Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My blog and me

When I start this blog, my intention is very simple, I want to share my thought with my friends and families, and at the same time, just want to practice my English. My girl complains my English, and I told my natural enemy, Mr. Toh, that my English is very bad and he said my English is suck. Well, please forgive a Chinese educated engineer’s writing. That is my limit and I am practicing, I hope one day I can at least write a lovely poem for my girl.

What I wrote most? I don’t really go to do the statistic. I believe, mostly are related to my works. I guess I’m a boring guy :). Initially there are some bloggers around me, but one by one they abandon their blog. Maybe they just lack of idea to write, or maybe they just can’t found the reason to continue their blog. Maybe too much pressure given by some individuals. Not everyone can accept critic, that what I’d learned.

So, what make me continue writing? Less and less reader is visiting this blog :) but I still continue writing. I don’t how I can last until today, it’s look like a miracle for me. My friend once told me that every blog must has a theme and because of theme, it’s become difficult to maintain, because once the idea exhausted, the blog will end. Maybe my blog don’t have any theme :).

My girl always receives the most firsthand information from my blog, because I always hope to share all my thought with her. I don’t really very good in talking and express my feeling, maybe I’m an engineer. My logic is dominant my emotion. Unfortunately, my English is also too poor to let my girl understand my thought. Sometime, she felts that I’m complaining this world. But I didn’t and I will not do that.

Just like having dinner in a restaurant, if I felt that the soup is not nice, I will said the soup is not nice, but I will finish it even it is not nice in my point of view. Am I complaining? Some people may think yes, you are complaining. But I’m not. I only speak out my opinion on that soup; it is a fact or statement which is true from my point of view.

Writing is always one of my habits although it is not my talent. It helps me to balance myself and I was calmed once I wrote it.

I apology to all the reader if I make you feel that I’m complaining this world, complaining peoples around me and complaining myself. Please believe me that, I’m not. I only told you something that in my opinion it’s true for me.