Thursday, July 02, 2009

Thanks God it's Thursday again

It is my second week in this dusty desert, if you ask me how I feel, I will tell you, I want to go back to the Bolehland.

Basically, I start working from 4.30AM until 12.30PM to avoid the heat from the summer's sun. So the working hour is more or less same as Bolehland. Just I don't know the meal I took is breakfast or lunch or dinner. It is difficult to define in this situation. Anyway, that no the main reason I want to go back.

The weather is hot, well, I'm not all the time at site so I can't really feel the heat. Anyway, I can't denied the temperature, but I believe it still within my acceptable range. With this kind of temperature, you definitely can't bath in the afternoon. It is too hot to bath. So, I can only taking my bath after 7PM.

Then what make me want to go back?

Basically, there is nothing in this desert compare to Bolehland. Nothing is here except dust and more dust.

Talking to the client will just make you vomit. They like to pretend they are the greater than us by just pluck something from the sky and start to speech. Well, for me it is a stupid action that actually tell your opponent that you are stupid and you know nuts. Anyway, those people only care about how is the look, but they don't care or don't know what is the critical for the system. It is good for me since it is more easier for me to do my work, just I can't really stand their stupidity for asking something irrelevant and stupid. Engineer don't really care how is the look, we care about the functionality and reliability. So, better get a engineer boy friend, but don't get a engineer girl friend ;) Up to certain stage, we also like pretty look.

Taken this photo at 5AM, the sky are very dusty, that cause the sun look like a egg yolk.

Tomorrow is Friday and it is rest day and I can enjoy my day just to sleep on the sofa for the whole day.