Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My friend, Mr. Toh, ask me update my blog but don't talk about work. I try to, but I just feel missing something when I don't do that. Again, Proven I'm boring man and I got nothing to talk except work =( I hope my girl don't dump me.

Ok, I saw the movie "Just Follow Law" last few day when it's shown on the TV and I like the part about the email.

Everyday I receive almost 50-100 email and 99% of then is cc copy, which mean there two or more people talking and these peoples are so kiasi that they put some innocent people into the list either,

1. to become the witness, or
2. to become the victim

I don't know when is this culture started and believe me I hate that. But I got no choice to use that also, cause I'm also kiasi. Kiasi because someday someone will say "You got telling me about this issue? When? Got any record or not?". Trust me, without these black and white, you are death meat.

Anyway, I found out that, lot of people over use this tactic, or maybe I should say extremely kiasi.

I always telling those young engineers one thing, when I pass some info for you to work, please don't cc back these info to me cause you don't need to show me that you are working and for me, forward my info to other party DOESN'T mean you are WORKING. The only way to show me you are working is come back with result, not a cc email. I just hate people using this method to tell me they are working and at the end there is nothing coming back. What the F.

Anyway, I like to use email as another tools to buy time and also revenge. How? Just bomb that party with extremely huge size of attachments. All the email server will hang and everyone will suffer for downloading the junk info :)
Please don't use that on me, I'm a good guy :)

Anyway, happy emailling. And, please just come to me and ask for info, I don't like email.