Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine

Today is valentine, I know that, please not need remind me and please don't ask me what is my program.

Everyone that know me and my girl know that I'm not a romantic person. If you really want to know how not romantic am I, maybe I can described myself as "kayu".

First of all I want to apology to my girl that I didn't buy any gift or flowers for her. I hope she still happy when she see me. And for dinner, hmmm... can we discuss later?

About valentine, what is valentine in the eyes of a kayu engineer?

One word, commercial.

You see, because of this day, people selling flower with double or even triple of normal price. The dinner, gift, event promotion are also more expensive than normal price.

No offend that high demand create higher price. So, shopping on valentine is meaning spending more money for same material. Therefore, some people will celebrate valentine on valentine eve. Some may celebrate on the next day. So, my question is, what is the point that celebrating valentine when it is not celebrated on 14/2?

You can cheat yourself with lot of "valid" reason, but for me, "bro, you want me to spend few hundred meh? You think I print money one ah?".

I'm not say it is wrong to celebrate on eve, what I mean is that, isn't it too commercial?

For Chinese, there are few valentines. Anyone know that?

For month 1 day 15, which is also end of lunar new year, is a valentine. Did you purchase a flower for your love one or buy her candle light dinner?

On month 7 day 7, it is another valentine. Do you know that date?

Ok, you can bomb me or curse me for so not romantic and so kayu.

If I can only show my love to you on valentine, I wish there are 365's 14th Feb. in a year.