Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lunar new year 2009

This year is a niu (cow) year, and today is 2nd day of the lunar new year. So what I did these few days?

Well, nothing much actually. First of all, I like to read about the astrology in the beginning of the year. If you ask me do I believe or not, I would say I only believe those are good and forget those are not good. It is simple, if you believe then you have it, if you don't then you wouldn't. Anyway, while you reading these astrology, basically, it is a reminder. It remind you take care you health, be careful of what you said, be careful while driving, etc.

So what astrology say about me? The fire snake. I quote this from Joey Yap web page.

It's a smooth year ahead for the Snake in terms of career and wealth, and you stand to receive recognition from your superiors. Those who own businesses will see a fare rise in profits. Don't put too much hope into gaining indirect wealth. In order to see any dollar signs this year, you'll have to put in more effort than expected at work. However, Snake people who own their own businesses will earn quite a fare bit of money and can see some profitable returns on their ventures.

Well, I hope it's a good year for me.

I'm not a psychologist, but what I saw is that, men are very weak in handling their life, that why we have something call government, king, leader, hero, horoscope, astrology, and please forgive me if you feel uncomfortable, religion.

I don't understand why 911 happen, I also don't understand why people killing each other using the name of God.

Million of man killed because of a word from a stupid sohai. Why we need to give our life because of a drunken man or maybe a psychologically illness idiot? Can you explain to me?

According to the statistic, the most popular book is about astrology. I think everyone want to become a millionaire without putting their effort out. They just hope putting something or moving something in their house can bring wealth and luck or maybe a million dollar will drop suddenly from sky.

I believe fung shui. Basically, fung shui talk about harmonic by studying the environment. If a house have good air circulation and calm environment, it will create health. And with good health, it create wealth and happiness. It is just simple.

In science we believe that the truth can be describe by simple rule and formula. If it's too complicated, it may not be true or it's only true for very specific condition. So please don't change your front door to back because of fung shui.

Ok, wish you all a happy new year.