Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm extremely a sohai

Just went to the factory training yesterday, so I have completed 1/3 way to Sudan. The next thing to do is go for immunization. I hope I wouldn't cry of those needles TT. I also not sure the company will say "This is your personal thing, company already included in your allowance, and you need to pay for that!". Ya, who know what the management will do to "save" the company from losing money again.

Talking about Sudan, previously the supplier agreed to sent a man go there to troubleshoot their equipment, but after the war news and the crashed flight, their company have rejected the job cause they care more for their worker. So I'm pig-sold in this case. How much I get? I think a lot, RM200 per day, but not sure including the meal or not? I will become rich after 2 weeks. Hey, we have to thankful to company for giving me allowance and sold me to the Sudan.

Compare to my ex-subcond, Mr. Voon, he is poor thing. If you follow his blog, that guy is really a poor thing. You see, he have been to Ukraine and Istanbul on April, Taiwan on May, then now he is at Spain. I heard, he is going to Korea next month. Really kesian him going to that kind of places. Sudan is much better.

I'm going to KK on Monday to find fault on the control system which build by a chiller specialist. I don't know how to find their fault since they are specialist and I'm only deadwood and build failure system. Hope can come back in 1 piece after commenting their system. As usual I need to pay for my own air ticket first and claim back after a month in order to finance the losing money company. And this time I will pay for my own food cause I feel malu to let company to reject my RM7 prebook flight food again. Too bad can't get extra colleague to go there cause I heard the company losing money again for that project.

Anyway, engineer is always being victimized, and the manager always lose manage the project/money. Just pray for me for coming back safely from Sudan, hope the flight can up and land smoothly, no war, don't sick and the chiller can just run smoothly once I'm there.