Saturday, July 14, 2007

Time management

Try this simple puzzle, see how good is your time management.

|[A 2 minute] |
|[B 4 minute] |
|[C 8 minute] |
|[D 16 minute] |

There are four boats on the left bank of a river. To cross the river to the right bank, Boat A takes 2 minutes; Boat B takes 4 minutes; Boat C takes 8 minutes and Boat D takes 16 minutes.

All boats need to go to the right bank but there are only one boatman. One boat can pull another boat but it will take the same amount of time as the slower of the two boats to cross the river.

If the boatman uses one boat to pull another boat to the right bank and returns to the left bank in one boat, how many minutes will it take for him to move all the boats to the right bank?

Try this puzzle and find out how good is your IQ and also maybe your time management.

Most of the time we are rushing for the deadline. If you manage to plan your schedule we can somehow shortcut lots of unnecessary wastage. Everyone can reach to the destination at same time and we can cheer for all the handwork that we had contributed to the project.

A project without coordination is a war field, everyone is your enemy. You need to act fast or else you will lose your territory and by then you are dead meat.

So you can choose either to work together or play the war game in your project. Good luck.