Sunday, July 08, 2007


Today went to Time Square planning to watch the Transformer. I don't know why everyone are going for that movie and no more ticket until 9.30PM. Shit, I hope this movie is lousy :)

So I went back to have lunch with my family. And at the stupid jam road near the Jalan Pekeliling, a stupid Wira suddenly stop in front of me and as usual my SEG can handle this small method. But when I look at the back mirror, a lorry is driving like want to going to hell fly toward me. Shit, I know it going to hit me. And bang! This is what happen to the best car ever make :(

Luckily no one hurt, and I'm still in one piece with the handsome face XD.

No car use for a week, have to borrow car from my lovely girl friend.

Hope to see my SEG next week with perfect look.