Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'm not very sure is thanksgiving is celebrate by regional tradition or because of religious. According to wiki, Canada, Liberia, Norfolk and USA celebrate thanksgiving day. Bolehland don't have thanksgiving day, so I have not much idea of what is actually being celebrated.

Again according to wiki, people celebrate thanksgiving day mostly after harvest day, to give thanks to the god for giving them a good harvest season. A very similar festival in Bolehland is Gawai Dayak celebrate by Sarawak people on 1st June.

Does Chinese has thanksgiving day? According to wiki again, winter solstice, celebrate on 21 or 22 Dec., is consider as Chinese thanksgiving day. This is really new to me, cause for the passed 34 years, I only remember winter solstice is a day that we eat tong-yuan, and school don't give holiday on that day.

Seriously, anyone knew about this Chinese thanksgiving day? So far, I only notice that Chinese festivals mostly are related to food. Like, 5th of month 5, we eat dumpling; 15th of month 8, we eat moon cake; Chinese new year, we eat new year cake. Chinese people is very good at eating, but they are very lousy at expressing appreciation.

We go to people's wedding dinner, we give money then we eat. After eating we talk about how good or how bad is the food, and complain about the event. Sound familiar? Ya, I'd done that before.

Do you ever thanks your mom for the dumping she made for you?
Do you ever thanks your mom for the lunch she cooked for you?
Do you ever thanks your dad for the CNY eve dinner he had cooked?

Or, you complain about the food?

So far, I didn't manage to thanks my grandmom for what she had prepared for me and thanks god I never complain, or else I will regret for the rest of my life. I miss those simple taste dishes, especially the dumpling, no one can make such delicious dumpling anymore.

Ok, please remember to thanks your family in the coming winter solstice, before it's too late. If you really feel shy to say thank you, at least please don't complain.