Monday, December 05, 2011

Maxis new plan - Value Plus Internet

For those who like to on their mobile online all-day but don't want to pay extra for data package, this should be the one that you are waiting for. Maxis finally come out with new value package for internet.

But is this plan cheap enough for you?

Lets say you are previously a Value Plus 80 plan, and each month you make 300 minutes of calls, and lets assume that 1/2 of the call is to Maxis and 1/2 is to other operator, and we assume the same to SMS.

So, 150 minutes x RM0.12 + 150 minutes x RM0.15 + 150 SMS x RM0.05 + 150 SMS * RM0.15, which total up to RM70.50. Look pretty cheap if I upgrade to the new plan, with additional of RM9.50, I can enjoy 500MB of data every month.

However, have you checked your bill? I checked mine, and I found that I seldom use SMS especially to those non-Maxis line, but I call a lot, sometime reach up to 400-500 minutes, the lowest I manage to go is around 200 minutes. So, lets calculate my bill,

200 minutes x RM0.12 + 200 minutes x RM0.15 + 100 SMS x RM0.05 + 50 SMS x RM0.15 = RM66.50

If I change to the new plan, what is the bill? Now we have extra 100 minutes to pay, which come up to RM15 on top of RM80 committed charge. Total of RM28.50 extra with new plan, if I manage to share my balance with my family members.

Relatively, it is still consider acceptable if you hunger for internet on your phone. Just study your bills and see is it acceptable for you.

By the way, please take note that the Value Plus Internet plan does not allow credit sharing among family members, but calling to family member is still free (if within the limited calls period).