Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of 2011

Writing year end blog has become a must do on the new year eve for me. Looking back my previous new year eve's blog mostly are sentimental posts, a bit blue. So what about this year?

Most of the Chinese astrology have predicted 2011 an unpeaceful year, a year that will not stay calm. We saw the riots in middle east, Europe, and even US; the nuclear disaster in Japan; economy crisis everywhere; flooding at Thailand, and many many more. So what's 2011 mean to me?

First of all, the biggest changes to me is I finally promoted to father :) Thank to my wife for her hardwork to bring a lovely baby to our family, finally this year I can collect back some angpao when CNY came, wahahaha...

And finally I have resigned from the company that I have worked for 10 years. It's a bit difficult to make the decision, but once you have made up your mind, it's actually not really difficult. I always say I love the company but I hate the management, until the day I left, I still have the same feeling, especially with the new useless "top management". Anyway, as I said, I don't miss it but I will remember it.

Today I still working with my colleagues, from morning until late night. I think for the pass few years, I always working on new year eve. Anyway, it's not that bad working on new year eve if you are not alone.

So, I close my summary of 2011, and wish everyone I know and the reader a very happy 2012 new year, don't worry it will not be end of the world, and we hope for a peaceful and prosperity year.