Sunday, February 06, 2011

This world is sick

Do you remember who the winner of the first year American Idol is? Believe me, I don’t, but I remember one joker that makes A.I. a famous show and he himself become so famous for nothing, William Hung. Believe it or not, his first album, Inspiration, sold 240,000 copies. Everyone buying his album not because he can sing, just because he is weird. Thanks to Web2.0, we can see more and more jokers and morons try to show their talent in this virtual world.

The Hong Kong bus uncle video brings the video blog to another level. And after that more and more people try to use video to show the world how sick they are.

The pretty girl and the rabbit, really feel sick after watching this. She just an ugly witch with a layer of young girl skin. Shame on her.

The moron driver that blocking the ambulance. Shame on him, some more a fucking idiot master student.

The proud of Bolehland, wish that fucker couple a Happy CNY in the jail.

These are only a small portion of the videos that being uploaded to the net. What is in those morons’ brain? What is wrong with our home education? The school education? The society? Everyday more and more moron try to show how jerk they are. They got no talent, they can’t sing, they can’t study, they can’t run, they can’t do anything; I don’t know why they are born with proper body with defected brain? And everyone is trying to ask the world to focus on them by showing their ugly mind.