Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hair story

This is a story about a great person’s hair.

Once upon a time, there is a head, which is a great head. The hairs are growing happily on the head. Day by day, year by year, the head is covers with black silky hairs. The story will not be story if these hairs growly happily ever after.

Don’t know when it starts, the head having a hair drop problem. Although it is not serious, but the hair drop problem become more and more frequent. So, the doctor come and do a medical check see what happen to the head. Finally, the doctor manages to find the root of the problem; a tumor is growing in the person’s head. Therefore, the doctor suggests an operation to remove the tumor. Again, this story will not be a story if the head recover after the operation.

And when the doctor do a more detail diagnose, he found not only one tumor, but many small and big tumors growing in the head. It will be safer if the doctor removes the tumors one by one, but it will be very difficult and time consuming task. After few detail diagnostics, the doctor finally makes decision, remote the large tumor and does chemotherapy on the head.
The operation of removing tumors started and few tumors have been removed, and follow by chemotherapy on the head.

Now, more and more hairs have dropped due to the hazardous chemical has been injected into the head. Those black and silky hairs are no more growing on the head, now it replace with dry and yellowish hairs. Lot of money has been spent on the chemotherapy, the medics, the equipments to hope that it can kill all the tumors and bad cells in the head. But unfortunately, it kills the good cells also.

To prevent the tumor to grow back again, the doctor has make a decision to continue the chemotherapy process. Since as a doctor, killing tumor is his responsibility, whether the patient is having a healthy hair or not is not much of his concern. Anyway, when a doctor makes a mistake in his decision, he just buries his mistake.

Whether the head will finally grow back the hair or not is not part of this story, maybe in second part of the story.

Thank you for reading this story and have a nice day.