Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What am I busy with

Just finish setup two websites recently.

First one is for all the man in this world. I named the site Pretty woman. Guys, you can visit it when you're free, but for all the ladies, I hope you don't feel offended. You can register and start posting some pretty woman photos, but please no porn. Due to that I'm hosted it on a free web host so you will experience error when uploading photo. Sorry for that, but I promise myself if I get 1000 posts, I will host it on a paid server. The page is still in very beginning stage, I will spent sometime to make it a better photoblog.

The second one is my personal photoblog. Since it is my personal photoblog, you only can view and comment but not posting it. Still at the initial stage, will try to put something on it.

If you would like to host some web site, but you don't want to spent any money on this hobby. You can create a account at 000webhost.com, there are quite kind to let you host your own web without any charges. But as I said, you may experience some downtime, especially when you want to upload some file. If you don't like the domain name suffix that they add to your domain name, you can create your own domain name with suffix of co.cc at www.co.cc for free, but will expired after 1 year. I believe you can renew it after one year.

I'm using WordPress for both of the site after trying Joomla and recommendation from two experts. I'm lazy to write the process of installing hosting platform, but if you would like to know how, I can share these experience with you.