Friday, January 21, 2011

How much money is enough?

Ok, I wouldn’t ask you the moron question, “Do you think money is important?” Yes, even a 3 years old child will tell you money is important and we need money to buy everything. Without money I can’t write this blog; no internet, no electric power, no notebook, and no air-cond.

Then I want to ask you another near to moron’s category of question, “How much money you think is enough.” Yes, this question can be categorized as moron question in very near future. But, can you tell me how much do you think is enough?

Is USD$100k is enough? How about USD$1m? Or USD$1b?

According to Forbes, the richest man in the world for 2010 is Carlos Slim Helu & family with net worth of USD$53.5b, and our dear Micro$oft has fallen to second place with USD$53b and his good friend, Warren Buffett is at third place with USD$47b. Therefore I believe USD$1b is not enough, because there are totally 937 billionaires in this world.

You cannot deny that human is greedy. It is genetically coded into human genes. Many fables told us about how greedy a man can be, and teach us don’t be a greedy man. But is that works? Definitely it doesn’t work. 

Do you so childish to believe that war is for peace? It is for money and power. All the histories try to hide as much as possible about this fact. Some morons believe that, but some don’t. I have read some war histories, and I can conclude that all wars have started because of 1 person or very minority group of people and it’s causing few hundred thousand of human scarified because they believe that their king is a good person and they are fighting for justice. At the end, do you think the king will share everything what he have win from the war? Wake up idiots, they never. Some people are greedy and most people are moron. And thanks to this combination, we got the world that we are staying now. Therefore, you can choose to become a moron or greedy. If you not greedy enough, you will be the moron, sorry but that is how this world has been created.

So, what is my opinion about this topic? Well, money is like woman boobs, everyone wants it to be as big as possible, but they never realize that when it is too big, it become disaster.

She is hot #^^#