Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fable - the hunter and the tiger

Once upon a time, there is a village in the jungle. One day a hunter found a new born cub in the cave when he hunting in the jungle. The cub is so cute and don’t afraid to hunter, therefore the hunter bring the cub back to his house. The hunter neighbor warms the hunter that grows up tiger is very dangerous, but the hunter like the cute litter cub so much and he does not listen to the advice from the neighbour.

Day by day pass by, the cub grow up into a huge big tiger and its food intake volume increase day by day. One day the hunter does not get any prey; the tiger is too hungry and finally attack the hunter to fill up its hungry stomach.

Moral of the story, tiger don’t eat grass and to prevent getting a human eating pet, get a cow as pet although cow don’t look cute when young neither it look adorable when old, it just look stupid but harmless.