Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Say NO to facebook's games

When I first started my FB, it's because of FB's game. That time, my apprentice, JJ ask me to play the FB's game (can't really remember what is the name). But I abandon that game after 2-3 weeks because that time FB's games is only text base.

But, it doesn't stop there.

FB's games become more and more interactive and animated. I'm try to stop myself getting involve in any of the games. But too bad that no matter how careful I am, I'm started 2 games. I start social city because of my natural enemy, the super planner asking me to become his neighbour in order for him to expand his city; and the second games is the cafe world due to my sister asking me sending her gift.

For social city, I'm still playing it but not very intensive. Just spend few minute every morning to click on the stupid building. I don't play cafe world, but my wife did -.- She is poisoned.

Initially, it is quite fun to click and build something, but I found it become a very stupid game that what you only need to do is repeating clicking on icon and wait. Repeat and repeat everyday clicking on the same item.

I believe not only me, there are lots of victim out there wasting most their time clicking on the icon everyday. There is nothing gain from these games except they actually let you kill most of your time waiting and clicking. Some become addicted to all these games.

I personally hate these games, they are not difficult to play, they just try to consume your time. Wait for the time to pass in order to click on it again. Totally meaningless.

Anyway, if these games let you calm down yourself or you learn something from it, you may continue it, but personally I really doubt that.

But basically, not only the FB's games, FB itself is kill most of our time, but we just can't get rid of it. So, personally advice, FB when you have spare time and please say NO to FB's games.