Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'll miss the rain

Today is my second day in the desert. Ya, I'm back to this desert after almost a month stay at Bolehland. I miss the cool weather and also rainy day.

Will be at the desert for a month and I hope this time no extension cause I believe this stupid project will not end so soon, at least not before the new year. Thing move slow and everyday need to face to those con-men and jokers that shaking their head while telling you no problem. So, you can't understand whether they are telling you no problem or got problem. I strongly believe they mean "we got problem with your instruction, since you can't understand my body language and you are happy when you see me shaking my head while telling you no problem, therefore we continue to cheer you with this method".

I can't see how to end my job here, maybe I should start pulling the cable myself, I may end it faster than these buggers.

Tomorrow is Bolehland day, I wish I'm there to celebrate it. No matter how stupid is our government, how dark is the politic, Bolehland still my home, it's a wonderful country to stay.

I start to miss the rain and my lovely wife.