Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Try to say these sentences,

1a. I'm tired.
1b. What a busy day, now finally can relax.

2a. Why don't you solve it yourself?
2b. I know what I should do.

3a. God, why me?
3b. God, please test me.

4a. This world is a mess.
4b. I better clean my room first.

5a. My work is heavy.
5b. My job is very challenging.

6a. I'm installing a sensor.
6b. I'm building a system.

Lot of time we like to think in the negative way, not sure why, maybe that is encoded in the gens. Try to think positively, talk positively, and learn to appreciate. Life is short, you wouldn't know you or someone close to you still able to talk to you or not after today. It's too late to regret once you miss the last chance to apology after you said those stupid words. Please don't let it happen.