Friday, February 12, 2010

Just married

Well, I’m married :)

Just finish the wedding process last Sunday and still try to used to the new life.

Talking about my wedding, basically it is simple because I prefer it to be as simple as possible. When I start to plan my wedding, which is few years back, I was thinking to discard the dinner section because I know it is the busiest process that I have to face. But I didn’t because that is the only time that I can share my happiness and tell the whole world that I’m married. And lucky that I didn’t cancel it because that is the most wonderful memory I have.

So, I’m married. What next?

Ok, before I married, everyone is pushing me to marry, and every year, most embarrassing moment is taking angpao from those elders. Finally, I’m married, and now everyone change topic to push me for a litter SK. You thought getting a litter SK is like planting tau-ge? Even my stupid longan also took 2++ years and yet give me nothing. Ok, give some face, don’t push me too hard.

Nothing much change, except there is someone waiting for you at home :). I will try to go back early and have a nice dinner with my wife. Less burger, less teh-o-ais-limao, less DOTA, less online, … learning to be a good husband. But please don’t misunderstand that marriage is the graveyard for freedom. Nothing should be change here. It’s like when you start fall in love with someone, it’s doesn’t mean you have let go all your friends, spend all the time with your love one only. Same apply here, family is a very important, and so do friends. So, if you want to ask me to go sing-k, please don’t hesitate, and I will say ok.

Another few more days and it is Chinese New Year, time for me to give angpao :)

Before I finish this blog, I would like to thank to all my friends and family members that help and attend my wedding ceremony, I hope you all have a great time. And really need to say thank you very much to my brothers and sister.

My driver cum photographer, Nicholas; and my second photographer, Toh.

Huan, Lum, Chin, Sam, Voon, Ng and his wife, daughter and son that help me to be my heng-dai and help me here and there to do all the messy tasks.

My sister and brother, thanks to them for the help, and my sister’s cute bear bear.


The stupid sotong that help me since the first day she know I’m getting marry. Although we only know each other for about one year, but we are like old friend. Thank you, sister.

Ya, almost forgot, my sister told me about the dinner, she said, she attended so many wedding dinners and she never heard people screaming for yam-seng for so long. She feels so touching at that moment. And I told her, they are all my friends.

Happy Chinese New Year and wish you all a prosperous year.