Saturday, January 16, 2010

When can you get marry?

I want to write about this long time ago and finally I can write this blog.

All my friends know that I'm with my girl for very very long time, actually that is nothing wrong (maybe a bit la), but there is one thing that make me feel uncomfortable is when Chinese New Year time, my colleagues will give me pressure. When I receive the angpao from my colleagues, the only message they passed to me is "woi, fast fast get marry la, next year don’t take angpao anymore." Well basically I also malu to take angpao also. And the junior colleagues are looking at me and pass me the message "woi, when can you give angpao wor? You lie again, last year say this year I can get angpao one". So, I'm in very pressure situation when CNY time.

So, finally, this year no need to take angpao, and can give angpao liao. So, I can start to have my lansi face back already, wahahahahahahahaha............. Finally I can pressure those young peoples.

When I looked at my colleagues, I start wondering, where these creatures can get their girl friend? If someone enters the company with girl friend need to wait for so many years to marry, what happen to those enter the company alone? So, I create a facebook group called I'm still bachelor to help these poor peoples to get their partner. I'd tried to talk to all females that I know to ask them to introduce their female friends to my colleagues. Hope I can organize a mix and match gathering soon.

So, so far you all will think I'm an angel. But, I believe I'm a demon. What to do with me whether you are single or you are in relation? Well, there is.

You see, now I'm married, do I need to repeat it again? Ok, I'm married :p So married man have to give angpao, and give angpao I need money and I got so many single colleagues around me, so you can imaging the amount of angpao I need to prepare and from the situation, I afraid I need to give for some years before I can collect back my angpao.

So, now I need to pressure you already. Woi, when can you get marry?

I think better I change it to, woi, when can you get a girl friend?

Feel frustrated with my lansi face? Ya, that’s the feeling I want you to remember :p Try to lansi me back if you can, wahahahahahahahaha..............