Friday, January 29, 2010

If your dad is poor, that is your fate. If your in-law is poor, that is your stupidity.

Not sure where this stupid quote came from, but lot of people like use it to tease a going-to-marry person. Well, I like stupid joke.

In year 2008 a new Internet word comes out, it’s call “裸婚”. If we translate it directly from the word itself, it can be translated as “naked marriage”. But it does not mean the two couple naked their body on the wedding day. The actual meaning is the new couple does not own any house, car, no complex wedding ceremony, no money, no honeymoon and worst no wedding ring. They only sign on a piece of paper and build their future together. Romantic? I don’t know. In the eyes of these new generations, marriage is not a substance, but rather supports each other and work together with each other to rely on the spirit and warmth.

Ok, back to me. I’m not from rich family but I look at myself a richest man in this universe. I own my house, car and everything using my own bare hand, with hard-earn money. And thanks god that he let me met a lovely lady which makes me the luckiest guy.

Well, definitely, my house is not as big as bungalow, not located in the premium area; my car is not as luxury as BMW; I’m not a millionaire and I definitely not as handsome as Jay Chow. Then, what is the reason that makes my girl agreed to marry me?

Dinstein: Need reason one meh?
Wisely: No need meh?
Distein: Need meh?
Wisely: No meh?
Distein: Ok, ok, I'm just interested to study humanity only. If you say need, then need lo.