Saturday, January 09, 2010

Old friends

Met some old school mates yesterday night because need to pass them my red bomb :p. Have to apology to my school mate that I only approach them when I need them.

In my secondary school life, I had attended to 3 schools; 2 years at Perak which is my home town, 3 years at Johor, and 1 + 1.5 years at KL. Lot of friends but very weak connection. I almost lost contact with them after I start working. First few years of working, I still manage to meet some of my KL school mates for mamak drink, but sooner when everyone start to get married, the gathering become lesser and lesser. I remember my friend told me a simple fact that the only two events that can let all the friends gather together is either on wedding or funeral. Thats why I look at my wedding dinner as 1 of the important event to gather my old friends cause the next one I can't see them anymore.

Calling my friends to pass them the invitation card is a definitely not an easy job for me. You can imaging a long lost contact friend suddenly call you and summon you with his wedding dinner invitation card. Personally, I would feel happy cause at least someone still remember you as a close friend, but I'm not sure about others. Maybe you will start sneezing after you had ended the call.

For all my friends, I would like to tell you that when you received my invitation card either digital or physical, I does not force you to attend my wedding and I'm not hungry for your angpao. I just want to share my happiness with you. And for those that didn't receive my invitation card, I'm apology for my careless, and if you want to attend, just leave me a message, and you are in.

Hope to see you all soon.