Saturday, November 14, 2009

A stupid joke

My brain: Hey, heart, I want to do this, you think it's right or not?
My heart: Ya, no problem.
My brain: Ok. But one thing, every time when I ask you, you always say ok one. I seldom hear you say no, can not. Are you sure the answer you told me is correct?
My heart: Alo, brain damage ah you, if you don't trust me, then why you ask me. You ask me for fun is it? I give answer already and you're questioning back my intelligent. Are you trying to insult me?
My brain: Hey brother, I ask only mah, want to be so angry meh? No ask lo.
My heart: Alo, you call this asking question meh? You are questioning my professional. I told you the answer already and you asking me back is my answer correct ah! If you think you can have better answer, you go do it la, why come and ask me and then trying to insult me say I might be wrong.
My brain: Brother, want to say like that meh. I just want double confirm mah, like that also can not ah? What kind of brother is this.
My heart: Alo, brain damage, don't brother here and brother there. Since when we are brother? Me and you very close meh? Brother, brother, brother with your head la.
My brain: Walao, you want to say until that meh? What brother my head? What happen to you today, so angry one, relative come ah?
My heart: Alo, you don't start insulting my privacy after you insulted my intelligent. Don't let me see you alone in the toilet. You're brain damage one, no use already, staying in this world is just wasting the resources only. If I were you, I go bang my head to the wall long time ago.
My brain: Fine, thats it. Ok, bye. stupid heart.
My heart: Idiot brain.

That day, the heart being sold to the devil to exchange for something. The brain never has chance to say goodbye to the heart. At the corner where heart stayed, he leave a message.

All these years I try to encourage you, my brother brain, to try to be positives and try to be useful to this world. Although some of you actions are not commonly accepted by others, but as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, who care about those traditional mindset. I don't know when we can meet again, I just hope you can continue the spirit even I am not around. Goodbye and take care.

Sorry if this joke is not funny, it is just a stupid joke as I told you in the title.