Saturday, November 28, 2009

Can you put more effort?

Before I continue the writing, first of all I would like to clarify that I am not very particular on food. I can't differentiate a frozen fish or a fresh fish when I'm having fish. Maybe thats why I hate fish, the only fish I like is stingray, especially Portugal grilled stingray, yum yum, damn nice. By the way, for those fans of Mid Valley's Portugal grilled fish, good news for you all, the stall is back to Mid Valley's food court again, I hope it is as delicious as previous after it has missing for sometime.

Basically, when I say the food is good, and it is really good in my point of view, I believe it will be very heavy taste. Most of the time, you will heard me telling you "Ok" or "normal". Well, it mean nothing special about the food, can try to eat, wouldn't leave any memory and wouldn't miss that food also. But, I found that recently I start to complain about food. trust me, my sensor is as bad as previous. Then, why and what make me start complain?

When you go to the food court, try to look at the stalls and tell me how many stall is actually managed by local chef? Most of the time you saw an Indon is preparing wan tan mee, a Bangla is serving bah kut teh, or a Burmese is cooking ho po lui char. More and more difficult to get a stall which is cook by a local people, and so far those food stall that I categorized as good is definitely own and cook by local people.

When people cook to make money, their food will be tasteless. Because their main objective is to make money and not to please their customer. In other words, they reduce the cost of material, shorten the time of preparation and use unprofessional cook, and trust me, base on the law of natural, it wouldn't be good. Well, it is not Win7, therefore there is such thing as the "new" efficiency - doing more with less.

I believe this world is fair, at least fair enough in most of the time. When you put more effort on something, the result will not disappoints you much. But if you are those people waiting the lucky to drop from the sky and you are so luckily pick it up and so luckily bring more luck to you, you can continue to dream this on, but don't count me in :)

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.
- Thomas Edison