Saturday, November 21, 2009

Personal privacy

According to the Internet news, 61% of Japan wives have checked their husband's mobile phone for evident of extramarital affair, curiosity and honesty. In other words, they don't trust their husband.

Some people said, for a girl to check her boy friend's mobile phone is caring, and for guy to check his girl friend's mobile phone is a bad personality. I believe this is true under certain circumstances. But just a advice to all the girls, do this in front of your boy friend instead of do it secretly, if and only if you're lack of confident in your boy friend. And for guys, please delete those sensitive data from your personal mobile phone if you don't want to be caught red-handed :p and remember to do this for email and chatting application like Skype, MSN and Yahoo Messenger also.

I am not a hacker, but if I want to know your secret is just like open a can of Coke. Lot of my friend asking me to fix their PC, and with the knowledge I have, they are like standing naked in front of me once I put my hand on your PC. Anyway, don't worry until now I still holding my principles to avoid touching people's privacy. I am a friend not a hacker. This remind me of Edison and Gillian case, haha, no one trust PC technician after that incident. Anyway, if you want to destroy the HDD data, the only way is to melt it, don't just delete and put in the recycle bin or even emptied recycle bin can be recycled :p

So, start to trust your partner and respect their privacy, although you are their closest person, it doesn't mean you can break into his/her boundary to look at their secrets and privacy. Everyone have their own secrets that they only want to keep for themselves.