Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The end of year 2008

Again, it's new year eve. Almost every year eve, I blogging about myself. So what's new this year.

Well, first of all, I still fail to marry my girl that I love for 10 years. Please don't ask me why and don't push me. Every beginning of year, I will tell my family, friends or colleague that ask me when I'm going to marry, my standard answer is end of the year. And every new year eve, I will tell everyone sorry I cheat you all again. So, if you ask me when I'm going to marry, then my answer end of next year :)

About work, well finish a huge project this year, but ... Anyway, now busy with two more mega projects at middle east. Very busy.

Last few day, my friend told me he want to get grant from government for his business. I didn't ask much cause my friend always tell me I don't help myself. I think he is right. I always tell the junior that some people work for himself and some people work for the company, it nothing wrong for both of them. Basically, it's something call loyalty. It's either you loyalty to yourself or you loyalty to the company that you work. Either one you will still get the pay and the only different is result of the work.

Anyway, forget about work today and continue talk about myself.

What else... marry... work... ... ok, camera :)

Still need sometime to practice. I try to post a photo for the new year eve later.

What else ... ... ... Nothing special to write already :_( I'm a boring man.

Ok la, just wish you all a very happy new year and may your wish come true next year. And so myself, I wish I can marry a pretty lady next year, win a big sweep, get a nice Camry, get a bungalow, get a pretty mistress hahahaha...

Wish 2009 a good luck year for me :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Ok, another poisoning topic to discuss :)

Anyway, not planning to write too long, just want to introduce some web page that me and my wild horse (thanks to Sam for intro these poisoning material to us) think is the best photo from internet. Too bad to tell you that, it's all in Korean. So just try you luck to click here and there to browse it blindly.

1. Healing brush
One of the best and most preferable site. Most of the photo is very well compose. And Sam favorite.

2. Photobee
Lot of nice photos but warning this site contain adult elements.

3. RaySoda
This one also contain some adult elements.

You will spend hours to look at these photos.

I discussed with Sam on what make a photo well compose.

Is it because got pretty girl? I said not 100% but pretty model do make the photo look pretty since the object/focus itself is a pretty girl. Try to imaging ML in the photo :)

Why Korean photographer can compose so nice photo? Is it because the environment is pretty? Basically I agreed that. Malaysia do have some nice place, but don't try to imaging a yellow, purple or pink color leaf dropping down from the tree. It wouldn't happen.

Train ourselves with better skill so when the model and environment is ready, it is time for us to compose the beautify photo.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

DSLR part II

Back to few weeks earlier, I posted a blog on DSLR and yesterday finally I get myself one, Canon 450D at PIKOM PC fair 08.

Initially, I want to go there to survey the DSLR market and also help my sister to upgrade her PC and help her to get a printer. But once I enter the hall, the first thing in my eye is the Canon camera booth, and I know I'm dead meat. After thinking and walk around, I finally go back to that booth to get one. What is the offer?

Body and standard kit lens (18-55mm), free a Manfrotto tripod, 4G SDHC, Canon EOS bag and Ximplify web host (anyone interest to buy over from me?) and not forget a painful swap on my credit card for RM2599 (as compare to outside RM2799 and RM2400 with shop warranty only, RM2599 is the best price I have). The photo:

My sister playing with the tripod :) thanks her for become my first model

Actually thinking of getting a DSLR for quite sometime, just every time see but never dare to think of buying it. Well, thanks to the colleagues around me poison each other on the photography thingy and after seeing my Lumix camera, I know I can't satisfied with that machine anymore. It doesn't mean I don't like the camera, just sometime it can't perform up to my expectation. Anyway, it's a good camera that with me for so many years.

Back to what urge me for a SLR. Well, portrait. I wish to take some nice photos for my girl since she told me she is ugly every time I try to took her photo. So, I hope my new monster will help me to proof her wrong.

Ok, for my colleagues especially for my wild horse, Mr. Sam, and my lonely friend, Mr. Toh, join me to the darkness wahhahahahaha... and thanks all for poisoning each other and finally "we" won to poison the first victim, the genius (or maybe sohai) :)

Happy photograph!

Friday, December 05, 2008


一样的夏天 (same summer) by Yanzi, I just like the music and the way she sang, it's just so sweet. Enjoy.