Saturday, December 20, 2008


Ok, another poisoning topic to discuss :)

Anyway, not planning to write too long, just want to introduce some web page that me and my wild horse (thanks to Sam for intro these poisoning material to us) think is the best photo from internet. Too bad to tell you that, it's all in Korean. So just try you luck to click here and there to browse it blindly.

1. Healing brush
One of the best and most preferable site. Most of the photo is very well compose. And Sam favorite.

2. Photobee
Lot of nice photos but warning this site contain adult elements.

3. RaySoda
This one also contain some adult elements.

You will spend hours to look at these photos.

I discussed with Sam on what make a photo well compose.

Is it because got pretty girl? I said not 100% but pretty model do make the photo look pretty since the object/focus itself is a pretty girl. Try to imaging ML in the photo :)

Why Korean photographer can compose so nice photo? Is it because the environment is pretty? Basically I agreed that. Malaysia do have some nice place, but don't try to imaging a yellow, purple or pink color leaf dropping down from the tree. It wouldn't happen.

Train ourselves with better skill so when the model and environment is ready, it is time for us to compose the beautify photo.