Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The end of year 2008

Again, it's new year eve. Almost every year eve, I blogging about myself. So what's new this year.

Well, first of all, I still fail to marry my girl that I love for 10 years. Please don't ask me why and don't push me. Every beginning of year, I will tell my family, friends or colleague that ask me when I'm going to marry, my standard answer is end of the year. And every new year eve, I will tell everyone sorry I cheat you all again. So, if you ask me when I'm going to marry, then my answer end of next year :)

About work, well finish a huge project this year, but ... Anyway, now busy with two more mega projects at middle east. Very busy.

Last few day, my friend told me he want to get grant from government for his business. I didn't ask much cause my friend always tell me I don't help myself. I think he is right. I always tell the junior that some people work for himself and some people work for the company, it nothing wrong for both of them. Basically, it's something call loyalty. It's either you loyalty to yourself or you loyalty to the company that you work. Either one you will still get the pay and the only different is result of the work.

Anyway, forget about work today and continue talk about myself.

What else... marry... work... ... ok, camera :)

Still need sometime to practice. I try to post a photo for the new year eve later.

What else ... ... ... Nothing special to write already :_( I'm a boring man.

Ok la, just wish you all a very happy new year and may your wish come true next year. And so myself, I wish I can marry a pretty lady next year, win a big sweep, get a nice Camry, get a bungalow, get a pretty mistress hahahaha...

Wish 2009 a good luck year for me :)