Saturday, December 13, 2008

DSLR part II

Back to few weeks earlier, I posted a blog on DSLR and yesterday finally I get myself one, Canon 450D at PIKOM PC fair 08.

Initially, I want to go there to survey the DSLR market and also help my sister to upgrade her PC and help her to get a printer. But once I enter the hall, the first thing in my eye is the Canon camera booth, and I know I'm dead meat. After thinking and walk around, I finally go back to that booth to get one. What is the offer?

Body and standard kit lens (18-55mm), free a Manfrotto tripod, 4G SDHC, Canon EOS bag and Ximplify web host (anyone interest to buy over from me?) and not forget a painful swap on my credit card for RM2599 (as compare to outside RM2799 and RM2400 with shop warranty only, RM2599 is the best price I have). The photo:

My sister playing with the tripod :) thanks her for become my first model

Actually thinking of getting a DSLR for quite sometime, just every time see but never dare to think of buying it. Well, thanks to the colleagues around me poison each other on the photography thingy and after seeing my Lumix camera, I know I can't satisfied with that machine anymore. It doesn't mean I don't like the camera, just sometime it can't perform up to my expectation. Anyway, it's a good camera that with me for so many years.

Back to what urge me for a SLR. Well, portrait. I wish to take some nice photos for my girl since she told me she is ugly every time I try to took her photo. So, I hope my new monster will help me to proof her wrong.

Ok, for my colleagues especially for my wild horse, Mr. Sam, and my lonely friend, Mr. Toh, join me to the darkness wahhahahahaha... and thanks all for poisoning each other and finally "we" won to poison the first victim, the genius (or maybe sohai) :)

Happy photograph!