Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Admit it when you are wrong!

Most of the time, we try to blame someone or something else if something when wrong. I heard before that a pump supplier blame the electrical turbine is actually causing the pump rotate faster than usual therefore the flow rate is higher and cause the pump is running in higher kW. But the truth is that he forgot (or maybe lazy or uncoordinated) to trim his pump.

I was once heard also that an inverter will cause the pump burn due to the voltage supplied from the inverter is lower that 3 phase voltage O_o. Maybe I should use a car battery to boom the pump.

Also a supplier told me that the meter that he supplied to me need to install a converter to filter the noise due to that my plant is filled with extra heavy noise. But none of my other instruments are affected by that so called noise. Maybe I should install the meter inside a 10" thick stainless steel panel and ground it.

Lot and lot of nonsense explanation from the so called specialist, expert, genius, professional, etc. Will it be more simple just say "I'm sorry that I had make a mistake, I will try to solve it." Everyone make mistake, some are big, some are small. If you can't solve the mistake that you make immediately, then apology, don't try to blame others. It make people irritating and shame on ourself. Chinese idiom said, face is given by others, but pride is lost due to ourself (hopefully you can understand my English :p)

A mistake is always a mistake, the only different is that don't try to cheat. You are not so genius that you can hide the truth. Me can :)