Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I want my holiday!!!!!!!!!!

I start on leave since last Wednesday until today, which total 8 days. But I don't feel to have any good sleep in these few days.

1. 6/2 Wed morning, I go home from work cause I need to standby at P1 until the system is running.
2. 8/2 Fri midnight, rush to Serdang Hospital to reset the controller due to power failure. The phone call never stop until the next day morning due to repeated problem.
3. 9/2 Sat morning, go back to Serdang Hospital to recheck the power supply and reset the controller.
4. 9/2 Sat midnight, rush back to Serdang Hospital cause the UPS failed.
5. 12/2 Tue night, rush to P1 cause those sohai don't know that the chiller can't start if the chilled water is too cool. Manually force chiller run.

I don't understand how can an operation and maintenance company employ some sohai to run the plant. Some of the operator don't really know how to use a computer, until the stage that they don't know where is the Windows Start button O_o. I don't know how to describe these sohai. Sometime it make me so frustrated that I nearly come out those f words.

I saw a lot of first class equipments maintain by third class operation. At the end, these system is just a lousy system because no one know how to operate and maintain it. If Malaysian people still think that a control system do not need specialist to maintain, then we will stay forever in the third class world.

And from this lesson, next Chinese new year I will go to vacation, so please don't call me cause I wouldn't be around. I just want to good rest not 24hour standby for call. I'm a engineer not operator. Please respect me. Thank you.