Friday, February 01, 2008

The hottest news

Since last week I was busy to end my project and finally it's going to end. After working more than 24 hours none stop, today I can have a rest.

Read back some newspapers and I think the most hottest news is the Hong Kong star, Edison and his porno with female artists.

Had you saw the photo?

At first I thought it is another photoshop creation. But trust me that, I think it's real. The photo is so real until you can't create it using any software.

Now all the forum is talking about this topic. Who got the source of these photos? Is it real? The person who post the photos become God over the night. 470M hits in a day and 28000 reply.

My blog only got 5k hit after two years :(

If you watch Death Note before, this is the real Death Note.

Police arrest a suspect but found out that he is not the source. That suspect suicided after that(not sure true or not). No one know who post/own these photos, and he/she is named Kira.

I'm not sure will it be more porno coming out, let wait and see.