Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

Well, 1 year pasted and it's Chinese New Year again.

Ok, don't ask about when I going to give angpao. I don't want to say any bad word these few days. And for those married, remember you still need to give me angpao although I said last year I don't want any. Please tell me girl to marry me this year or else you all need to give me angpao no matter you like it or not.

Then about the conclusion about last year. It not a very good year for me. I had been worked like no day and night, but at the end, I feel like do it for fun and no one care about the hardworking that I had put in. Anyway, once again it's new year so I don't want to say any bad word. I just hope next year I can be more wisely and fair to myself.

Ok, for all my friends, I wish you all Happy Chinese New Year and a prosperity Mickey year.

... and wish me that I can be sold out this year :(