Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Puzzle solved

Now is 6AM in the morning, looking at the monitor, and finally, i'd solved one of the puzzle, the system is in auto mode, everything run according to my schedule. I hope the three juniors can buy me lunch today for making their live more easier. Now they can have more sleep :)

It's a satisfaction looking at my own system working as per my design, although it's never an 100% satisfaction for me. From project to project, I try to build a better system. I called the process as evolution. It's a painful process but that is the only entertainment I have to cheer up myself. At the end of the project, my company loose money (I hope it's not because of me), and my directors are so kind that they come out with their own pocket money and give me bonus. Thanks boss. I'm lucky that I have my working system to motivate me to do better. I hope all my colleague have other motivation to move forward.

My control subcontractor changing their engineer every 2-3 years. Most of their engineers are manager now. I wish I can work in their company. As usual, I repeat and repeat guiding these new faces to build up the system. Although, sometime I don't know how what is the logic behind these young engineers, but it's work at the end after so many stages of painful debugging process. I hope they can read more and play more puzzle games :)
(I miss Voon, he is a very good engineer, but now he is a manager, I hope he don't lost his skill after sitting comfortably in the air-cond room)