Saturday, October 27, 2007

Plan your MC

It sound like crazy, but some of the people can really do it.

If every year you finish your leaves (about 14 days) and your MC (about 18 days). Then include the public holiday (about 20 days). Total of about 52 days of holiday (public, personal and MC) in 1 year, so you only need to work about 4 days a week, 43% of the time you are non productive.

To avoid any lost in productivity, you need to plan our holiday and also MC. But most of the people will try to sick on most busiest day since thinking of it already a mentality sickness, so it is the best time to take MC.

If you are shy guy then you can drink a can or two can of Coke before you go see doctor. Or if you are already use this method too often and try to avoid doctor suspicion that you may have cancel, you can try to tell the doctor you got migraine. Or you can direct tell doctor that you are "sick" and you need MC letter, most of the time the doctor know how to write in the MC.

So remember to plan you holiday and MC cause it is end of the year soon.