Friday, June 02, 2006

Lot of things happen last week.

First my PC spoiled. The PC keep on restart itself. After checking the motherboard, it seen that the capacitor is giving problem. Three big capacitor near the ATX connector are leaking. So, go Farnell and puchase a similar capasitor. Most of the Taiwan motherboard use very slim type of capasitor, I had repaired 4 motherboards so far and there have same problem and I can't find the correct packing size, thus, I alway use same rating but bigger size capasitor.

OK, after 30 minute of operation on the matherboard (first time I had used almost 2 hour to replace 2 pieces of capasitor), the motherboard is as good as new. However, when I install back the motherboard, same problem caming out. OK, this time really a mistery for me.

I check the harddisk, RAM, take out but remain basic hardware, try to reinstall, modify BIOS setting, but all negative. When I want to reinstall the OS, there is alway different error code. The first idea come out from my mind is that maybe I should disable the L1 and L2 cache memory.

After disable the L1 cache, the PC can start without problem but with very slow speed. OK, the cache is dead. That mean the CPU is burned. It's a AMD Athlon. Maybe I had open it 24 hours non-stop and causing the CPU overheat. Too bad, have to look for a replacement.

The second thing is my car air-cond. Problem for me since my first day using that car. I had change the compressor and the condenser coil. But still leaking. I need to go workshop every month to check the air-cond.

So this time, I went to a shop, and they found then condenser hose is leaking. Due to too late, they can't get me the spare part. So they just seal my compressor and leave the spoiled hose there and ask me to go back tomorrow morning.

The next day, when I go there, they install back a new hose for me and try to refil the gas. Unfortunately they can do that and they told me, the magnetic coil is broken that why they can pump in the refrigerent. OK, I let them change the coil. After changing, they come back to me say that they still can't pump in the refrigerent and ask me to change the compressor. I ask them to put back all parts and I'm leaving.

Somehow, the compressor really spoiled. It's kill me RM400 for that. Too bad.

I think most of the engineer are still applying try-and-error mothod to troubleshoot. When can they learn to solve the problem by analysis? I hope that day will come soon.