Friday, June 16, 2006

It's mid of June. Time is moving faster and faster until you didn't realize that it's gone.

Einstein say that if you stay beside a person that you like, the time is faster than when you sit beside a person that you don't like.

Look like I like my job so much :)

What actually is my job function? Most of the people don't know, even my boss don't know what is my role in the company :(. What a failure me.

I'm working as an engineer in an engineering company dealing with air conditioning and energy management. My main job function is to taking care the instrumentation and control system. Lots of company in Malaysia thinks that control system is a luxury item in a project. It's expensive and unreliable. As a control engineer, we disagreed this statement.

This is true for ten to twenty year back, where the computer industry is still at stage of evolving. But today you may install the SCADA on most of the PC. Most of the SCADA nowadays is cheaper, reliable and not hardware dependence.

Any how, to make a control system to work, you need lots of engineering. I had complete 7 control system in 5 years, most of the time, as usual we learn from our mistake and we move forward to improve the quality of the system. And most of the time, human factor is more difficult to solve than the engineering problem :). I think this is common and it happen everyway.

This photo taken from my latest project in MBSA building. It's an ice storage tank for air conditioning.

The SCADA, after few weeks of hard working.