Monday, December 31, 2012

It's end of 2012

Ok, 2012 is going to end in few more hours, and as usual I try to conclude the year in few paragraphs.

Dragon year is always a fluctuates year, lot of changes and uncertainties. It's never been a peaceful year for me, but manage to pass through it, hope the coming year is more peaceful and prosperous year.

This year I managed to bring my wife and my little princess to Taiwan on my birthday, it is a very challenging trip, but we manage to have a very good time there. Although not much places we went, but it is still very enjoyable.

Then I went to Bersih with Sam, and we managed to put our foot on Dataran Merdeka, thanks to Sam's friend for all these. I hope there wouldn't be another gathering anymore cause I believe what we can do, we have done, the rest let us use our vote to tell the high one that we just pissed with them.

I start renovate my house after almost 10 years staying there. Hope my wife like her new kitchen, and my princess like her new bed room. It's not a cheap renovation, spend most of my money on that. It's still under progress, will be completed by another 2 weeks. Finally, this year, I can have a more proper Chinese New Year dinner at my house.

This year I spend lot of my time with my princess, seeing her grow up healthily and happily is the only wish that I wished for. Although I have became a father for a year, but I think I still need to learn more to become a better dad for her. Sometime, I think when she marry that time, I will definitely crying alone in the room. Everyone body said she look like me, even her temper same like me. Well, genius always have same kind of temper :)

Ok, that's all for this year, nothing much and now we know that Mayan didn't completes the calendar due to space issue :) So, for all the engineers out there, remember to put foot note if you are not able to conclude or explain some findings, don't let other to guest what you trying to tell from the hanging data.

So, wish all my readers a happy and prosperous year 2013.

Friday, December 21, 2012

It's winter solstice again

Based on astronomy data, winter solstice happen at 11.12am UTC, which is about 7.12pm Malaysia time. As everyone knew, the Mayan calendar ended today also, anyway, don't worry I believe is it a technical mistake on the calculation. So, just enjoy today.

I'm sick since Sunday with low fever and flu, didn't go see doctor since I believe they will charge you for few pieces of Panadol. I use my traditional way, which Sam didn't believe, cook a package of hot and spicy instant mee, after that take a Panadol, then do sleep with no fan, no air-cond, and balut yourself like a dumpling. Let it sweat and you will get better. Basically, I'm better now, but the bad weather really slow down the healing process. The only thing that make me feel bad is I can't go to see my daughter, she is with my wife's family since late last month due to my house renovation. Talk about the renovation, I believe it is going to complete soon, hopefully I got a new kitchen for my wife to cook, and new huge bed room for my daughter before Chinese new year.

And I got some photos for show off, hohoho

She just love me ^^

Today my mom is doing operation, hopefully everything going fine and wish her recover as soon as possible.

Yesterday I got my new fridge after nearly 3 months argues with Hitachi sales. Ok, here is my advice, never ever buy Hitachi product anymore. Their product quality is no longer like last time, and the after sale service is suck. For me this is the last time I buy Hitachi product and not for the next 10 years.

Dragon year is going to end soon, this year is an unstable year, it doesn't mean bad, but just more changes and your life is fluctuate up and down. Anyway, it is going to end soon, and the coming year is my zodiac year. Yes, I'm 36 by next year, getting old, and more and more people call me uncle.

So, end it here and wish everyone a happy winter solstice, go back home early today and enjoy a good dinner with your family.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

It's going to end

Today I open my blog and I notice something. The total post per year getting lesser and lesser over these years. So I start to figure why. Within a minute, I found the reason.

Before 2010, I'm single and I got plenty of time surfing the net. I dig all info I want, whether it is useful or useless, I download movies (sorry to the filmmaker, I'm not doing this anymore, please don't catch me) no matter I am going to watch it or not, I wasted most of my time hanging online.

After I'm married, I start to give more time to my family, and this year I spend most of my time playing with my lovely princess. Now I start to realize that I had wasted too much time for unproductive activity.

Don't get me wrong, blogging is definitely not unproductive activity. When everyone give up on writing blog, I still prefer to express my thought using blog. I don't really like facebook cause everyone is eyeing on it 24x7x52. So people will think you are too free everyday posting useless info, so even will unfriend you because they don't really agree with you and your posts are polluting their holy wall. So, just use blog will do, for those really your friend will type your blog url and visit you once a while, for those that different ideologies with you will just ignore you but still friend you in the facebook.

Ok, I have been sleeping alone for a few weeks cause my house still under renovation. The speed is damn fucking slow and I hope I can still hold my patience before I start firing someone.

21 Dec 2012 is going to reach soon, trust me the world is still not end yet. So, continue working, continue to enjoy your life. Ignore those fucking unscientific post in your facebook, those fuckers are just too free and boring, so they create those illogical posts to let others lonely users to share those spams over the net.

So, stop wasting your time on the facebook, start pick up a book and read or go to the nearest garden and use your eye to look at the green and blue scenery. This is the real life, not sometime virtual in the facebook.