Wednesday, December 05, 2012

It's going to end

Today I open my blog and I notice something. The total post per year getting lesser and lesser over these years. So I start to figure why. Within a minute, I found the reason.

Before 2010, I'm single and I got plenty of time surfing the net. I dig all info I want, whether it is useful or useless, I download movies (sorry to the filmmaker, I'm not doing this anymore, please don't catch me) no matter I am going to watch it or not, I wasted most of my time hanging online.

After I'm married, I start to give more time to my family, and this year I spend most of my time playing with my lovely princess. Now I start to realize that I had wasted too much time for unproductive activity.

Don't get me wrong, blogging is definitely not unproductive activity. When everyone give up on writing blog, I still prefer to express my thought using blog. I don't really like facebook cause everyone is eyeing on it 24x7x52. So people will think you are too free everyday posting useless info, so even will unfriend you because they don't really agree with you and your posts are polluting their holy wall. So, just use blog will do, for those really your friend will type your blog url and visit you once a while, for those that different ideologies with you will just ignore you but still friend you in the facebook.

Ok, I have been sleeping alone for a few weeks cause my house still under renovation. The speed is damn fucking slow and I hope I can still hold my patience before I start firing someone.

21 Dec 2012 is going to reach soon, trust me the world is still not end yet. So, continue working, continue to enjoy your life. Ignore those fucking unscientific post in your facebook, those fuckers are just too free and boring, so they create those illogical posts to let others lonely users to share those spams over the net.

So, stop wasting your time on the facebook, start pick up a book and read or go to the nearest garden and use your eye to look at the green and blue scenery. This is the real life, not sometime virtual in the facebook.