Thursday, July 05, 2012

Why Google Nexus 7?

We all start from the simplest yet powerful Google search, then Google shakes the world by offering the user gigabyte of email service, from that moment, Google is everywhere. Android proven is a wise step by Google to penetrate into everyone's life, with 400 million devices and 1 million activations each day.

They why Google wants to jump into tablet war?

Look at year 2011 financial report. Google announced in its Q4 2011 financial report of $2.71b profit with $8.13b revenue, while Microsoft announced in its Q3 2012 financial report of $6.37b profit with $17.41b revenue. Then how Apple performed? Apple announced in its Q1 2012 financial report of $13.06b profit with $46.33 revenue, almost 6 times what Google has earned.

Even though Android phone is everywhere, but the phone is always a phone. The screen size can only good at reading sms, playing games, Facebook and YouTube. When the application needs bigger screen, e.g. read book, magazine, watch movie, only tablet can perform the work better. Google released Honeycomb to hope to overcome the shortage of phone, but android tablet's put a lot of people's foot away. Well, you can say China's tablet is cheap, but it's useless with all cut cost material, not to mention the lousy or not support at all from manufacturer, actually you don't even know who is producing that tablet.

With the new Google Play that include books, magazine, movies and music, Google needs a bigger screen device to push the market. So, here come the Nexus 7, a cheap but up to standard product that can penetrate the market of the tablet. Apple has been sitting there enjoying too much of sales without a proper and competent competitor that able to threaten them.

Steve Job is a genius, he saw what others can't. Google is mixed of the creator and business man, and Microsoft is purely a business man. Who will eventually win the tablet market, let's wait and see.