Thursday, July 12, 2012

The pumpkin's story

Long long time ago (about 2 months back), I bought a pumpkin for my daughter to mix with her rice cereal. I saw some seeds and suddenly I got an idea to plant my own pumpkin. If you, the reader, think I want to save money to buy pumpkins, then you may try to do it also. I had planted few fruit trees and I believe the money I spend for the tree and the gardening accessories can let me buy tonne of fruit, so far the cheapest way still goes to the supermarket and get the fruit you want instead of trying all these hard works and time to wait for the fruit to grow.

Anyway, back to the story. The seeds sprout after two days and it grows with tremendous speed. If pumpkins can communicate each other, the earth will be conquered by them in no time. They are aggressive, their vines will attack any plants that stop their way, and they require a huge space to grow. So don't try this at home if your garden is not big enough.

After two months of growing, last week I started to spot few female flowers start growing near the vine. But, the problem is there is no male flower spotted :(

The female flower bloom yesterday morning and I couldn't find male flower near by.

This morning, the flower close her shop liao. Not sure she got pollinated or not.

At the same time, I spotted another female flower. I think it will bloom by tomorrow.

So, now I got another female flower is waiting for her prince to come. God, please give me a handsome flower by tomorrow to make my pretty flower pregnant, ahmen.